The contract

In 2000, Bobby Bonilla and his agent, Dennis Gilbert, negotiated one of the most unique contracts in sports history. Instead of paying Bobby the remaining $5.9 million to buy him out of his contract, the terms were set that the New York Mets would pay Bobby Bonilla $1.19 Million each year on July 1st, from 2011 to 2035. Across the sports world, this has been celebrated as Bobby Bonilla Day, reminding everyone of one of the most creative deals in sports.

In 2022, Bonilla, Gilbert, and his team have made it possible for fans to be a part of this by creating a series of NFT’s, including a “1 of 1” matching the most famous sports contract of all time with a digital version. Buying The Contract NFT gives various rights and experiences, ranging from attending events on Bobby Bonilla Day with Bonilla to exclusive signed memorabilia. Some of the digital combo packs include inscribed signed cards (digital and physical) and game-used signed bats by Bobby Bonilla.

By purchasing The Contract NFT you'll receive a collectible digital baseball card commemorating the most famous sports contract of all time and a chance to receive:

  • Rare signed Bobby Bonilla Baseball Cards
  • Uniquely Inscribed Bobby Bonilla Signed Baseball Cards
  • One on one Zoom with Bobby Bonilla
  • One on one Zoom with the man who structured the contract, Dennis Gilbert
  • Signed game used Bobby Bonilla Bat directly from his personal collection
  • And best of all - A chance to attend the 2023 Bobby Bonilla Day Event WITH Bobby Bonilla!